Tow Notice for Street sweeping

Tow Notice for Street sweeping
Please move your cars for street sweeping on the designated days to avoid a tow.

Stickney Municiple Code 14-196   See (17) (d)
  • Sec. 14-196. - Other conduct prohibited.


    A motor vehicle used in connection with any of the following violations may be subject to immediate seizure and/or impoundment by the village and the owner of record of said vehicle shall be liable to the village for any administrative penalty of $750.00, plus any applicable towing and storage fees:


    Driving under the influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, intoxicating compound(s) or any combination thereof, or possession of drugs or intoxicating compound(s) as provided by the Illinois Compiled Statutes (625 ILCS 5/11-501(a)).


    Driving while driver's license, permit or privilege to operate a motor vehicle is suspended or revoked, pursuant to the Illinois Complied Statutes (625 ILCS 5/6-303) or is suspended or revoked for any other reason and the vehicle is being operated in violation of 625 ILCS 5/6-303.


    Driving without a valid driver's license pursuant to Illinois Compiled Statutes (625 ILCS 5/6-101).


    Arrest for any felony offense pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statutes (720 ILCS).


    The operation of any motor vehicle with open alcohol in violation of 625 ILCS 5/11-502.


    Any vehicle being operated or having been operated while the operator or occupants of the vehicle are in the commission of or fleeing from the commission of a crime constituting a charge of a class A misdemeanor, or any felony.


    An accident involved motor vehicle.


    A hazardous vehicle.


    A derelict motor vehicle, including any vehicle which has been immobilized for 72 hours or more pursuant to section 14-195.10.


    Any motor vehicle that is parked on a public way, alley or a loading zone in violation of sections 14-143, 14-145, 14-148, 14-150, or 14-154 of this Code.


    Any motor vehicle that is illegally parked in a tow away zone.


    Any motor vehicle that is inoperable due to the arrest of the owner or operator.


    Playing, using or operating or permitting to be played, used or operated, any radio, tape recorder, cassette player or other device for receiving broadcast sound or reproducing recorded sound if the device is located in any motor vehicle on the public way; and if the sound generated by the device is clearly audible to a person with normal hearing at a distance greater than 75 feet. This section shall not apply to any person participating in a parade or public assembly for which a permit has been obtained pursuant to village ordinances.


    A vehicle parked in violation of section 14-141.


    A tow away zone obstruction vehicle.


    An improperly stored motor vehicle or other equipment on a private lot.


    Any motor vehicle that contains an unregistered firearm or a firearm that is not broken down in a non-functioning state. Except that (a) if the vehicle is operating as a common carrier and the violation occurs without the knowledge of the person in control of the vehicle or (b) if the owner proves that the presence of the firearm was permissible pursuant to the provisions of this Code.


    Whenever a police officer has a reason to believe that a vehicle is subject to seizure and/or impoundment pursuant to this division, the police officer shall provide for the towing of the vehicle to a facility approved by the police chief. This section shall not apply if the vehicle used in the violation was stolen at that time and the theft was reported to the appropriate police authorities within 12 hours after the theft was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered.


    The police officer shall notify any person identifying himself as the owner of the vehicle or any person who is found to be in control of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation, if there is such a person, of the fact of seizure or impoundment and of the vehicle owner's rights and options under this division to reclaim his vehicle, including his right to demand a hearing.


    Whenever a vehicle is blocking a right-of-way or is causing an obstruction to the completion of scheduled work or maintenance, such as tree trimming, street maintenance or replacement, sewer or water maintenance or replacement, the village and its police officers may tow or impound the vehicle where advance notice of the work has been given and sufficient signage has been posted. However, the village and its police officers reserve the right to relocate the vehicle. Information related to where the vehicles has been relocated to shall be available through the police department. The village reserves the right to charge the vehicle owner or operator the costs related to relocating the vehicle.

    (Ord. No. 2018-43, Art. II, § 3.1, 11-7-2018; Ord. No. 2021-03, § 3.1, 3-16-2021; Ord. No. 2021-06, Art. II, § 3.8, 4-20-2021)