Village Rules Concerning Inflatables

Village Rules Concerning Inflatables
Inflatables, trampolines, dunk tanks or other deemed hazardous activities on public property must provide proof of general liability insurance (no less than $1 million) and name the Village of Stickney as an Additional Insured with a certificate, additional insured endorsement, and declarations page required.  Damage to or destruction of property of others, subject to the per occurrence limit, in an aggregate amount of not less than $2 million per period.

The inflatable rental company/device owner should be required to show proof that it has complied with all regulatory requirements regarding such devices.  The devices are prohibited on all roadways, concrete, paved or gravel surfaces as a safety precaution.
The Village’s insurance is provided by the Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency. 

They mandate the rules concerning inflatables, trampolines, dunk tanks or other deemed hazardous activities.  If someone rents the pavilion and has one of these devises, they must provide the Village the mandated insurance.  If there is a block party, they must obtain the mandated insurance if they have one of these devises on public land.

If a homeowner wants to set up one of these devises by their home, the entire devise MUST be on their own property.  That also means that the entrance and exit to the devise must not be on public land.

The Stickney Police can request that people must move their inflatable off of public land to follow the rules our insurance company mandates for the Village.