Executive Safety Committee

The Executive Safety Committee is an integral part of the Village of Stickney overall risk management plan. This is one place where management and employees can truly come together as one to create results. To be effective, the committee must interact in an environment of open communication and have a desire to make a difference. By defining their goals and objectives, the committee can create a shared vision that will enable action and promote a safe work environment for all employees.
The Executive Safety Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Sam Savopoulos - Village Trustee

  • Josh Brniak - Administration

  • Darlene Pregara - Administration

  • Beth Lukas - Administration

  • Jerry Chlada Jr. - Police Department

  • Jim Sassetti - Police Department

  • Joseph Lopez - Public Works (Executive Director)

  • Sam Alonzo - Public Works

  • Jeffery Boyajian - Fire Department

  • Omar Silvera - Fire Department

  • John Babinec - Fire Department