Recreation Areas

There are three recreational areas along with a dog park located in the Village.

  • O’Reilly Park – 4200 Oak Park Avenue
  • Haley Park – 4000 Grove Avenue
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park – 3900 – 4200 Ridgeland Avenue
  • Dog Park

Dog Park

The Village of Stickney has an enclosed fence facility located at 43rd and Ridgeland Avenue designated for the purpose of allowing the off-leash exercise of dogs provided they are under the control of an attendant who is 18 years or older and is competent and knowledgeable of the behavior of their dog(s).

The attendant must ensure that their dog(s) are legally licensed and have documentation that their dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date as required by Cook County. Current Village of Stickney Dog license and vaccination tags must be displayed on the dog’s collar. The attendant must wear their Village of Stickney dog park permit lanyard whenever they are in the dog park.

The following are not allowed:

  • Bottles, tobacco, cans, glass and similar breakable containers, alcoholic beverages, food of any type including animal biscuit/treats
  • Animals that are not dogs
  • Dogs under the age of four months
  • Female dogs when in heat
  • Dogs deemed to be vicious, or who have a previous history of aggressive behavior toward other animals and humans
  • The use of bicycles, roller blades/skates, skateboards and similar types of exercise equipment
  • Motorized vehicles and devices, except wheelchairs for the disabled
  • Smoking
  • Professional dog trainers may not use the facility in conjunction with the operation of their business.

Park Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset unless closed for maintenance or severe weather.
Annual Fee:
Resident - $12.00-1st dog and- $6.00 2nd dog
Non Resident - $30.00 1st dog and $10.00 2nd dog
Registration for an annual permit is available at the Village Hall. You must provide vaccination records and current dog license.