Veteran's Memorial Engraving Request

Veterans-Memorial-Village-of-Stickney.jpgStickney businesses, veterans or families of veterans can add a veteran’s name to the Stickney Veterans Memorial Monument. Those who would like their name or the name of their loved one to be inscribed please provide:

  • Person’s full given name
  • Branch of the service
  • Conflict they were in (example: WWII, Vietnam, Iran, etc.)

Full payment must be made before the order is given to the monument engraver. Cost is factored in based on length of name, branch of service and abbreviation of conflict.  Once the request has been finalized, it will be added to the engraver’s list. Note that the weather must be warm enough to allow the engraver to cut the granite.  Thank you for your interest in Stickney’s Veterans Memorial.

Please contact Clerk Audrey McAdams with your information. The clerk will verify the cost with the engraver and let you know the cost. At that time, you will make the check out to the Village of Stickney and the order will be placed.