Traffic and Parking Regulations

Both of these are actively enforced within the Village. The residential speed limit is twenty (20) miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. There are regulations for the parking of commercial and recreational vehicles (see below). There are also parking regulations for the “Fall Leaf Pickup Program” and for “Snow Emergency” conditions, currently in excess of 2” of snow. Residents may not shovel snow into the street.

Residential Parking Restrictions

No person other than a resident of the Village of Stickney with a valid vehicle sticker can park a car on any Village street between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am of any day.
A town ordinance prohibits the parking of trucks, any size, or RV’s on Village streets overnight (6:00pm to 6:00am) during the week or anytime during the entire weekend. There are also height and size restrictions on RV’s and boats parked on private property. Complete information on all restrictions is available at the Village Hall or Police Department.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is for residents with a valid vehicle sticker only from 2:00am to 6:00pm and for visitors with placards visible from front mirrors. Special permission can also be granted from the Police Department. No Commercial vehicle parking is allowed from midnight to 7:00am. Permit parking is allowed in the municipal lot for $60.00 a year. Placards will be given for designated spots.

Through Traffic in Alleys

It is unlawful to use any alley within the Village for the sole purpose of driving from one street to another street. The same applies for using any alley in the Village for the sole purpose of entering or exiting any parking lot to any place of business.


PACE has three main bus routes that are available for Stickney residents.

  • #307 Harlem Avenue - Daily Service
    Major Destinations
    Metra BNSF Railway – Harlem Station
    Morton West High School
    CTA Blue Line – Harlem Station (Forest Park Branch)
    Rush Oak Park Hospital
    CTA Green Line – Harlem Station
    Metra UP-West Line – Oak Park Station
    Metra MD- West Line – Elmwood Park Station

  • #311 Oak Park Avenue
    Major Destinations – Daily Service
    MacNeal Hospital
    Metra BNSF Railway – Berwyn Station
    CTA Blue line – Oak Park Station
    CTA Green line – Oak Park Station

  • #315 Austin – Boulevard
    Major Destinations
    CTA Green Line – Austin Station
    CTA Blue Line – Austin Station
    Morton East High School
    Morton College

Posted Stops Only – Buses on these routes will stop to pick up and drop off passengers only at bus stop signs with the Pace logo and route number. Please wait for the bus at the bus stop sign. Regular Fare Route, use your Ventra card or exact fare. Driver has no change. All Pace service is wheelchair accessible and are equipped with bike racks.

Train Service

The local train service is the Metra BNSF Railway. Trains run daily roundtrip from Aurora to Union Station with scheduled stops and express service with minimal service on weekends and holidays. Bus #307 - Harlem Avenue and #311 - Oak Park Avenue stop at the Berwyn Metra Stations.

For more information you can call the customer service number at 312-322-6777 or go to the Metra official website a