The Village of Stickney’s Office of Adjudication hears a wide range of cases involving violations of municipal ordinances that were once heard in the Cook County Circuit Court. Having hearings at the Village Hall expedites resolutions, reduces litigation expenses, and allows the Circuit Court to focus on more serious offenses. Hearings at the Village Hall also are more convenient for residents who wish to contest a ticket or other citation.

The division handles all parking ticket violations and Stickney local ordinance violiations (S.L.O.). The adjudication division can be reached Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

All parking tickets are due ten (10) days after their issuance. Failrure to pay parking tickets within ten (10) days will lead to increased fines and a summons to appear in court.

All parking tickets have a hearing date for your convenience to appeal any ticket received. The adjudication hearing is held in the Stickney Village Hall. The hearing dates are the fourth Thursday of every month with the exception of November and December. November and December are the third Thursday of the month.

All S.L.O. violations require a mandatory appearance. Summons will be issued for failure to appear in court. Failure to pay a parking ticket or appearing for an S.L.O ticket will result in a fine being assessed and receiving a summons or judgement. Vehicles can be towed for five (5) or more tickets. 


An administrative hearing is a civil, not a criminal, proceeding. Cases filed in adjudication are punishable by fines and a variety of other penalties, excluding jail time.

Under the administrative hearing system, an Administrative Law Judge, not the Village entity that issued the ticket, complaint or notice of violation, hears cases. Law Judges, all of whom are experienced attorneys, are required to undergo State mandated training to be professional, fair, and courteous.

The Office of Adjudication hears, or may hear in the future, the following types of cases:

  • Police issued tickets

  • Fire code violations

  • Parking tickets

  • Public passenger vehicle violations

  • Unlicensed businesses

  • Overflowing garbage dumpsters

  • Village recycling violations

  • Zoning violations

  • Animal leash violations

  • Compliance tickets

Where to appear: 

The Village of Stickney Village Hall
6533 Pershing Road
Stickney, Illinois 60402

Administrative Hearings


The Procedure:

A Village inspector, ordinance officer, investigator or police officer may issue a ticket or notice of violation, or file a complaint against you. A case also may be initiated following a citizen or community complaint.

If you receive a ticket, complaint or notice of violation ordering you to appear at a hearing before the Office or Adjudication, you or your representative must be present on the date and time specified. If English is not your first language, you must bring someone to assist you.

Who Must Appear:

The individual contesting/defending charges may represent him or herself, hire an attorney to represent you at your own expense or, in some instances, have an authorized representative attend the hearing on your own behalf. Your representative may be an employee or agent.

In police cases such as drinking on a public way or disorderly conduct, the accused must appear in person, without exception.

If you or your representative fails to appear for the scheduled hearing, you are in default, and the Administrative Law Judge will conduct the hearing in your absence. You will still be subject to any fines or penalties.

Attending Your Scheduled Hearing:

Review the schedule and location information on your ticket, complaint or notice of violation. All hearings start promptly at the time indicated on the notice. Therefore, it is recommended that you arrive in the hearing room a few minutes early.

All Adjudication hearings are on the fourth Thursday of the monthly except November and December, due to the holidays.

Please check your ticket, complaint or notice of violation for the time you must appear.

The Hearing Process:

When the Administrative Law Judge enters the hearing room, he or she will make an opening statement identifying themselves, their role, expectations of a hearing and the order in which cases will be called. When your case is called, you should acknowledge and step to the podium in front of the Administrative Law Judge’s bench.

The ticket, complaint or notice of violation written against you may be enough evidence to prove or disprove the Village’s case. By law, the Village representative who issued the ticket does not normally have to appear in court.

You have the right to tell the Administrative Law Judge your side of the story. This includes using witnesses and physical evidence such as bills, receipts, or photos. Your presentation must deal specifically with the violation before the court. All documents presented may be retained by the Office of Adjudication as evidence. There are no public defenders and no right to a jury in these administrative hearings.

The Decision:

After both sides have been heard, the Administrative Law Judge will make a determination based on the evidence presented. If you are found liable fines, penalties, and costs may be imposed according to the guidelines set forth in the Village Code.

All fines are made payable to the Village of Stickney. Payments can be made at the Village Hall office or online Click here to be taken to

If you disagree with the Administrative Law Judge’s decision, you have 35 days to appeal to the Circuit Court of Cook County, Bridgeview, Illinois.

Please Note…
The information provided on this web site merely summarizes procedures. Regulations, together with the Village of Stickney Municipal Code, control the conduct of hearings.

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